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Sample text . . . During the past year your Central Service Association staff has worked hard to bring you new and updated solutions to the problems you face most. In conjunction with the CSA Technology Advisory Board, which is made up of representatives from 10 of our member utilities, we have focused on providing the products and services our members are asking for.

The Orbit Business Portal – This web-based solution provides your staff with a simple, easy to access, view and understand snapshot of your utility. The Orbit Portal has a self-contained Outage Management System, or it can be integrated with Milsoft’s outage system. The system can also drill down to the customer level, showing locations on a map and providing a quick overview of almost everything you need to serve your customers. And best yet, it can be accessed from any secure Internet connection, anywhere in the world without additional license fees.

Orbit eLockBox Pro – Introduced at last year’s Annual User Conference, Orbit eLockBox Pro has been a very popular product among our members. If you are tired of taking paper checks created through online banking sites, eLockBox Pro is for you.

HPES Autopost – Are you tired of posting online credit card payments? For those members taking online and IVR credit card payments through HPES (formerly EDS), CSA now offers an automated process that allows for real time inquiry and payment posting.

Case study – AMI with “no money down.” Learn how Aberdeen Electric Department is planning to partner with SmartSynch, Regions Bank and CSI leasing to install electric and water automated meter reading with no initial outlay of money.

AMI integration and Multispeak interface update – Get an update on CSA’s Multispeak interfaces for AMI, outage management and interactive voice response as well as information about expanded non-Multispeak AMI integrations.

UtiliTrak update – CSA’s Utilitrak Geographical Information System continues to grow and expand. Learn how UtiliTrak can take complex, dynamic information and make it simple and easy to use.

Orbit Meter Data Management System – Get a sneak preview of CSA’s new Orbit Meter Data Management System. This MDMS will serve as a repository for the millions of pieces of data collected through your AMI system. The MDM also provides reading validation, missed reading estimation and editing, engineering data and a wide array of reporting designed to help utility systems managers tackle demand response, voltage regulation, load studies with real hourly data and more.

Central Service Association offers Web Design Services.  We have a wide range of web templates to help you get a web site up and running. Many of our customers have ask our web development team if they could update their site themselves.  After researching the possible solutions we have came up with an easy to use Content Management System that can be installed on any website developed and hosted by CSA. CMS Demo

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